New Solo Acoustic 

Life gets busy sometimes and this last year I changed homes, my new home needing lots of TLC, plus my usual recording buddies got busy with tours, making time quite limited.  I'd started making demos with loops, overdubs, etc.. as I was excited about the new batch of songs I had saved but then an overcoming feeling of me doing the usual routine along with a busy performance season on the horizon made me change direction.  I wanted to get these songs out while they still represented the time in which they…

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KBMG Live at Chianti Release Coming Sept/Oct 

Well, the product is in transit, the parties are booked, and we can't wait to share it with you! 


here's the credits to see what we've done

all songs written by dan King except  No Expectations*Jagger/Richards and Sweet Jane** by lou Reed

these songs were recorded { warts an' all } at Chianti restaurant , beverly, massachusetts over the winter of '16 / '17 by david Brown. 

they were mixed by tom Dube.

rick Ashley took the photographs

art design by dan King with dave Mattacks

 KBMG would like to give a

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In the Sun Release 

A few words about the latest release.. it’s no coincidence that I’m releasing this collection on the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.  The influence of that era in my opinion is still quite evident for better and worse.  The ideas that spurred from taking a hard look at our ways of living during that era opened our eyes to how we dealt with our family life, our food, our air and water,  our government, while ideas about drugs, free love, and cult life in hind site were the hard learning…

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Bathed In Dream Light Release May 2016 

A new release with a different direction, Bathed in Dream Light, explores the sonic landscapes of jazz, art rock, and psychedelia.  Featuring Russ Lawton on Drums recorded by Warren Babson at Tony Goddess' Bang a Song studio, and completed by Dan King at home on all the other instruments plus a wonderful guest appearance by Burke Sampson on Lead Noise on Jungle, and finally finished and mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, this is a thoroughly enjoyable 20 minutes of sound.  You''ll hear…

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New Release It's a Beautiful World (Live) 

It's a Beautiful World (Live)   released November 2015

VA with Dan King Fall 2015

 Where did you come up with the title?

“It’s a Beautiful World” was the last line I came up with for 

“Amanda’s Song” about a year and a half after I started writing it.   A song I’ve dedicated to my wife.  It was one of the first near completed songs I wrote when we were fresh and in love and KBMG started performing it live as  “Don’t Look Back” for a working title.   We both had pasts we had to deal with and “Don’t Look…

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New Year New Music 

Well the End of 2014 and beginning of 2015 saw lots of music action.  

KBMG recorded live at the Old Sloop with wonderful results thanks to Geof Lyon and the crew at the Sloop in Rockport with special thanks to Warren Babson for the engineering help.

I did my first Rockport New Years Eve solo at the Methodist Church, saw the ball drop on Main St. and enjoyed a wonderful new year with family and friends including my new Fiancé.  Yes, I'm engaged to one amazing lady.  

We finished production and

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Memories of Gloucester Music 

 I remember it as if it were magic. That special place before the west end and after the bank.  Next to a shoe store across from Center Street.  A funky hand-painted sign spread above the entrance and once you were inside the counter was on the right and the discount 45s on the left, new 45s on the wall behind the register.  Straight ahead were the rows of albums, sheet music, and posters large and small, hanging high and low, featuring mostly the rockers of the sixties and seventies.  It was the original…

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Springtime brings the New 

Thanks for visiting!  

here's the latest and some things on the horizon..

   Revolution Time by KBMG (yours truly, David Brown, Dave Mattacks, Wolf Ginandes) featuring Joe Wilkins, the newest release for Spring 2014,  is another example of a successful KBMG collaboration following Señorita del Sol featuring JB Amero on vocals and Handmade with Love featuring Alberta "Fozzie" Hill and Charlee Bianchini on vocals.  Revolution Time was written in Los Angeles in 2013, worked on sporadically through out  the…

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New KBMG Release is in Production! Cd Release Nov. 5th 

Ok folks! Now I know I've been talking about this record for a while and I can finally say The New KBMG is off to the presses.  We discussed titles and settled on "Blue Sky Sundown" since this live standard really showcases the band at it's best.  The basics for Three tracks were recorded by Tony Goddess at Bang A Song and rest were done by me at home with some pretty amazing microphones, experienced professional band members who know how to get good sounds, modern technology and a ton of elbow grease…

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Back in the Saddle 

   What an experience is all I can say!  Mucho Gracias to all the Angels in Los Angeles who made my winter/spring greater than any I'd ever imagined with a special thanks to Nelson and Julia for their incredible hospitality, the boys in the Mac, Joe, Doug, Dan, Brett and new drum buddy Matt O'Connor for keeping my chops up, and Austin and Andrew for keeping it real on the beach south bay style, (Hello St. Rocke)!!   Add some fun in Portland,Oregon with Russ and Ray at the Crystal Ballroom with Trey…

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