Back in the Saddle

   What an experience is all I can say!  Mucho Gracias to all the Angels in Los Angeles who made my winter/spring greater than any I'd ever imagined with a special thanks to Nelson and Julia for their incredible hospitality, the boys in the Mac, Joe, Doug, Dan, Brett and new drum buddy Matt O'Connor for keeping my chops up, and Austin and Andrew for keeping it real on the beach south bay style, (Hello St. Rocke)!!   Add some fun in Portland,Oregon with Russ and Ray at the Crystal Ballroom with Trey Anastasio, Vegas with Señor Randazza,  Phoenix with Peter and the Blondes, and of course Stacy (red trucking) and Kacy and the the SD Mission Bay mafia (watch out for the Sea Lions)!

   Glad and excited to be home for the summer after an amazing spring out west that included playing live on AXS with Marc Carroll at the Nokia Plaza Studio, please check out his latest record with guest spots by one of my all-time favorites Larry Campbell ( Bob Dylan, Levon Helm Band). Biggest LA moment?! Catching the Rolling Stones play the small club Echoplex in Echo Park, Hollywood with all the A-listers to kick off the 50 and counting tour with Austin Connors, thanks for the tip Mari!

 The summer is booked so watch out for shows by the Bandit Kings, KBMG, SAFETY80S and Glostafarians.  I'll be back on Tuesdays at Jalapeños 7-9pm and trying something new, 5-7 ARHH (Acoustic Roots Happy Hour) at Mile Marker One, Cape Ann Marina, Saturdays starting in late June through Labor Day!

rock and roll

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