1. Darling Voices

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Darling Voices

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The musicians are Henley Douglas on Saxophone, Wolf Ginandes on Bass, Lydia Harrell on Backing Vocals, Russ Lawton on Drums, and Ray Paczkowski on Piano and Organ. Basics Recorded and Mixed at The Tank in Burlington, VT. by Ben Collette with Final Mix by yours truly working with Ben's masterful band mixes, and Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital.
Darling Voices encapsulates my mind set last Autumn during the lock downs with hope for the future and gratitude for what we have, a good thanksgiving song. The imagery is about walking the streets of NYC or anywhere freely and checking out the sites, the focus of which is an encounter with a soul band playing on a corner, something so simple that was taken away by the virus.

The file is a 24bit Wav file, better than CD, and should play on all modern devices.

The cover photo was take in NYC last spring just before recording and recently edited artistically for this release trying to capture the image on New York in my mind while composing.


Darling Voices

soul band on the street
They got a good message
falling money at their feet
I swear one of them is looking
Barely sticking to the beat
Here, here come the darling voices

check out the traffic lights
it’s a sea of green tonight
gonna have a street car bite
shining jewels surrounding
Our little piece of life
here, here come the darling voices

Do you still know the reasons counting the seasons
We’ve always stuck around this block
Through good times and sad times and the bad times
we can see the beauty of the flock

So close together in the coop
I can hear the music gathering on the stoop
It’s Just my imagination Temptations on a loop
with Smokey’s Miracles and darling voices

do you remember the high times, the gettin by times
every time we needed a change
we could always turn a corner
never bored for a moment
facing something new and strange

soul band on the street
they’re entertaining love with a downbeat
Let’s go and thank them Properly for the treat
here, here come the darling voices

-Dan King