1. Just A Feeling

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Just A Feeling

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Russ Lawton on Drums, Ray Paczkowski on Piano and Organ, Jimmy Ryan on Mandolin, Wolf Ginandes on Bass, and Lydia Harrell on backing vocals, Dan King on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals


you write your opinions down
you fight for it
I think you’re from some big town
you got some street to fit
you got some lines I never hear friends say
you got me smiling and laughing
haven’t found a friend for forever
just thirsty for a drink of water
just a feeling just feeling
I ain’t no look in the mirror
I ain’t no kid in love
just a feeling just a feeling
just a feeling

you win without a sound
well, who needs all that hype
I love when you come around
and there ain’t no denying

you got a vibe that relieves all my pain
you got me smiling and laughin’