1. Bad Ya Know

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Bad Ya Know

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The last of the Vermont sessions to be released featuring Wolf Ginandes on Bass, Russ Lawton on Drums, Ray Paczkowski on Piano/Organ, and Nate Richardson on Lead Guitar, with Dan King on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.


Ran into an old friend
Picking up the pieces wondering where the hell we’ve been
A couple memories, a couple laughs
Trying to recapture the pictures of the past

It’s bad ya know
But it’s far away
It’s bad ya know
So don’t be late
To cross the street
Feed the light
Your hearts beating now

We quickly found a bench
My feet were heavy from standing like a fence
He turned to me, his eyes were floating free
And yy mind began to wander towards a simple melody

It's Bad Ya Know

I hope you're remembering
The way that we are now
Honest as we try to be
And quiet when in doubt
Searching for special moments and sounds that we enjoy
Simple as a blade of grass
And traffic we avoid

It's Bad Ya Know

I’d forgotten what he said
Soon I got distracted by another passing scent
A couple cafes a couple months
Then his words come rising up just before the sun

It's Bad Ya Know