Welcome!  This is the place for Dan King and Friends and KBMG (Dan King, David Brown, Dave Mattacks, and Wolf Ginandes), 

It's now been twenty years since we started Music on Tuesday Evenings at Jalapeno's.  Our Group Nights featuring original members Wolf Ginandes, David Brown, and Dave Mattacks, plus special guests Fly and JB Amero will be on the Last Tuesday of the Month from 6pm -8pm. Special shout out to David Brown for a speedy recovery and return.  So make sure to reserve those tables in advance as they are hard to come by.  

It all started many moons ago with Wolf, Russ Lawton, and I playing in the dining room, all acoustic, no mics or pickups for me. Wolf used a tiny vintage sears amp, Russ on Tamborine and Shaker..  David Brown and Dave Mattacks soon joined and we formed King Brown Mattacks Ginandes, and hosted our top guests JB Amero, Allen Estes, and Fly Amero.  Jalapeno's was our meeting grounds, dining hall, rehearsal studio, play room, and sanctuary all rolled into one.   The countless beautiful evenings I've enjoyed there are immeasurable.   I've been blessed. 

Thanks to you all and this wonderful community for supporting and enjoying with us these last twenty years.   We've had many guests and friends join us and sadly many have now left us as well, so cheers to us all and the joy we've had.    


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Wishing you all the best, 
Dan King and Friends