Welcome, we appreciate your visit!  This is the place for Dan King and Friends and KBMG (Dan King, David Brown, Dave Mattacks, and Wolf Ginandes), and our Gloucester 400+ Music projects.  

First off we've completed the first Volume of Music for Gloucester's 400th Anniversary Celebration!  Start watching and listening  to the Songs and Stories right away via the Youtube link above.   It's been a wonderful experience producing and connecting with so many on this project with more on the horizon.    Produced on location at the Manship Artist Residency, you can also just listen on the Download and Stream page or at the Gloucester 400 Page and let us know if you're interested pre-ordering the collection on Vinyl or donating to our next Jazz Volume in pre production. 

New  Dan King and Friends Singles    "Bad Ya Know",  "Save It For My Honey",  " Waiting Just For Me", " Just A Feeling" and "Darling Voices"  available for Download

Featuring Russ Lawton on Drums, Ray Paczkowski on Piano and Organ, Wolf Ginandes on Bass as the Rhythm Section with special guests Nate Richardson on Lead Guitar, Lydia Harrell on Vocals, Henley Douglas on Saxophone,  Jimmy Ryan on Mandolin, and Jim Scoppa on Telecaster, we are very excited for these new releases capturing our reunions with great friends old and new.  The band recorded Live at The Tank in Burlington Vt with Ben Collette for an incredibly inspiring and productive session. Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital for superb quality. 

The New Summer 2022 Residency at The Studio Rocky Neck Gloucester on  Tuesdays  with David Brown and I acoustic with our good friends Wolf and Dave Mattacks was a smashing success! Thanks to all who attended and see you next Spring! In the meantime we had a great reunion with JB Amero and KBMG at Jalapeños and there's some upcoming Rhumb Line shows listed on the Live Page as I take over the Wednesday Night Acoustic Spotlight Residency. 

 If you're looking for something simple and special the updated Downloads and Streaming page is also featuring KBMG Live at Chianti  Hi Res Wavs in a Digital Album for the first time.  Mixed and Mastered by Tom Dube (Richard Thompson, Aimee Mann, Buffalo Tom, Peter Wolf) it sounds even better in Hi Res! Visit our Gloucester 400 Music Project that's in development, and check out the Live page for upcoming shows.  Plus we've updated the Store so you can see all the newly designed Merchandise for the upcoming releases. 

 One last note after a hard year,  we've been privileged to create work and income for countless musicians, engineers, artists, designers, venue owners and staff,  producers of all kinds,  as well as our own rewards monetary and personal through being  performing artists.   Through Live Performance and Studio Project avenues over the last 30 years, thanks to you, Dan King and his extended friends and family have been been able to perform something new and special on a consistent basis.  So a huge Thank You for the many years of fun and music and hope to see you sooner than later!  

As DB would say "we are nothing without you!".

Wishing you all the best, 
DK and Friends